Tim Bennett

Tim was raised in the south, but has lived around the country and traveled the world for 20 years with his previous work for a major airline company. In 1996, Tim landed in Nashville and has been happy to find himself comfortable in one great city ever since. Tim has represented buyers and sellers from all walks of life and is just as comfortable with a CEO as a first-time buyer. He never limits himself to a price point or an area of town. A true professional, Tim currently holds GRI, CRS and ABR designations in addition to his broker license.

Tim has renovated several homes around town and has lived in 12 South, Crieve Hall and Sylvan Park. Currently, he lives in Green Hills with his partner.

Tim is fluent in Southern and Sarcasm.

 Thompson/Bennett…the team

Ahhh… the urban legends that surround the pairing of this team… Many believe it was a clandestine meeting at a very upscale watering hole in Green Hills or possibly at the DMV. But the truth is-Mara and Tim met at a previous Real Estate firm. They met and bonded over of all things…the love of Standard Poodles. It seems that the real credit of this powerhouse real estate team is all owed to the late and great Genevieve, Bentley and Paris. Mara and Tim started out their partnership slowly just helping each other out while one was away on vacation or having cosmetic surgery. Their first listing was, and is known affectionately as The Rabbit Pee House. Mara left town under the cloak of darkness only to return to a closed sale. Thrilled as she was, she thought “Now this is the way to sell real estate!” From there the friendship took off and the market tanked… Luckily Mara and Tim discovered not only a mutual love of Standard Poodles, but the love of an afternoon pitcher of margaritas to help in the down market. Once the market made a rebound, the Thompson Bennett team was well on their way to fame and fortune. Well, they would have been if HGTV had picked up their pilot for The Sissy & Salsa Show. Apparently, HGTV already had plenty of flamboyance and maracas…but Mara and Tim were sure it was age discrimination, or that possibly it was just too tacky for prime time.

Now after fourteen years (the best two weeks of Mara’s life) the team is still together, specializing in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin.  They pride themselves on having a keen eye for the market and a good cocktail. Combining years of education, and 100’s of transactions, the Thompson Bennett team is unsurpassed in the quality of service, attention to detail, and Tim’s sarcasm. Their motto is Expertise* Trust* Results, but it really should be “If you’re going to buy or sell a home, you should probably balance the stress with a bit of fun as well.” But let’s face it…that’s a bit long….

Whether a first time buyer, investor and in the luxury home market, the Thompson Bennett team is ready to help you!


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