Keri Cannon

Mastering the Move

Pam and Keri work as a mother-daughter team offering buyers a range of services which includes everything from helping with financing options to zeroing in on the best house for the best possible price and then working with you as you travel the path to home ownership.  When you have a house to sell, we study the market in your area, establishing value and working to show your home’s best face to potential buyers. With a background in photography and writing, our creative marketing skills are sure to add an extra boost to your home’s sale.  Real estate is a helping profession and we promise never to lose sight of this. As long as we remember that our primary goal is NOT to sell you a house but to help you find that perfect home … serving you will be our true joy!

Realizing that buying and selling houses is a serious business, your best interest is our top priority. Here are some of our creative services:

  • We will listen to your dreams…and try to make them come true!
  • We will work to match you with great financing options.
  • If you are a seller, we’ll market your home in a variety of effective ways … even creating individual web sites for interested clients to visit.
  • If you are a buyer, we can post specialized websites for you to view even before we show you a particular property.
  • Believing that markets price homes, we will work closely to establish a comparative market analysis for your area which will ensure both buyers and sellers the best possible results.
  • We work with our sellers to make sure that potential buyers will see your home’s best face.
  • Working with a team of over one hundred Fridrich & Clark agents, we enjoy excellent in-house contacts which offer access to both home buying and selling opportunities prior to official listings.
  • Many Fridrich and Clark listings sell before they even hit the market due to the networking that occurs in our office.

Contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment ….we look forward to happy resolutions!!!!

You can reach us at:

Keri: 615-482-1593
Pam: 615-830-2501




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