Hayden Avery

Growing up, we moved every year or two.  So from a young age,  I had a front row seat to observe the moving process. We sold and bought many homes. I watched my mom, Janet Bond, renovate and take unlikely houses and turn them into fabulous dwellings. She has inspired me with her creative talents, vision and successful real estate career. Now I get to call her my business partner.  

My mom and I enjoy working together to bring our clients a service-rich, knowledgeable, professional, creative and hands-on home search and/or home listing experience. We take clients on as friends and adapt to their unique needs and personalities.

About me

Though originally from Atlanta, Georgia,  I have called Nashville home for about 25 years.   I graduated from Vanderbilt University and have enjoyed being a part of the Nashville community.  Nashville is a wonderful place!  I’ve been involved over the years with a variety of organizations including Junior League, St. George’s Kindergarten, Oak Hill School, Montgomery Bell Academy, St. George’s Church, Room in the Inn, Vanderbilt Childrens’ Hospital, etc.

Prior work experience includes a once in a lifetime job with the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, specifically the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay.  Through those years, I gained life-skills that perfectly translate into real estate such as work ethic, attention to detail, multi-tasking while making sure quality and efficiency are on target, serving clients by listening and problem-solving, tons of variety and not knowing what challenge the next day will bring.

I also worked at Vanderbilt in their Alumni and Development office as their Director of Alumni Education and Travel.  That job also had tons of variety, required attention to detail and a high level of service to clients.

Following those amazing jobs, I spent several years primarily managing the home-front while taking on various volunteer jobs such as co-chairing school events and especially enjoyed working with Room in the Inn at St. George’s church.  I also pursued personal interests such as nutrition, health and wellness and yoga.  I’m a certified health coach and a certified yoga instructor.

As my boys entered the teenage years and didn’t require as much of my time, I jumped into residential real estate with my very experienced Realtor mom and so far, it has been amazing!

I’ve found real estate to be interesting, challenging and ever-changing.  I thoroughly enjoy walking through this process with my clients and will always be professional, attentive, ethical, hard-working… all while enjoying the process.

I live here in Nashville with my husband, two teenage boys and two crazy dogs.

Please let me know how I can help you with your home search or with listing your home to sell.

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