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Moving Secrets

Congratulations you just purchased or sold your home and now comes the fun part....MOVING.   Houselogic recently shared "14 Pro Mover Secrets That Make Packing Your Stuff Easier" and we wanted to pass along to our friends and clients.

The tips have been provided by Maria White, founder of the website "Enuff with the Stuff" and Donna Smallin Kuper, author of "How to Declutter and Make Money Now."

  1. Take time to make some pre-packing photos so you will remember just how you had thing set up
  2. If you don't love it and it can be replaced for under $20 in 20 minutes - toss it 
  3. Save those paper towel and toilet paper rolls - they are perfect for those extension cords
  4. Create a command central - a "moving box' with cutters, tape, markers and other packing materials
  5. Tape appliance cords to the appliance, stop the guess work when you have an applicance without a cord and you really need that cup of coffee 
  6. Use what you have as packing materials - pot holders, oven mitts, grocery bags, towels, blankets
  7. Pack by not packing - keep your clothes in your dresser drawers, simply wrap them in plastic wrap for transporting
  8. Color coding boxes help you stay organized - assign each room a specific color
  9. Keep your clothes hanging and simply cover them with a garbage bag
  10. Cover up liquids to prevent spills - a little clear plastic helps contain all your household liquids
  11. Cut DIY handles - if your box doesn't have handles, make one
  12. Pack in layers using cardboard to separate between layers
  13. Use sandwich bags to keep all those allen keys, screws and other hardware together
  14. Roll with it - repurpose your rolling luggage for packing heavy, sturdy items.

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